Detailed Construction Cleaning Service

Receive a meticulous construction cleaning service for your new home or office. Sunrise Cleaning Services in Scarborough, Ontario, provides the highest-quality construction cleanup services throughout Scarborough, Ontario.

Construction Cleanups for New Homes

Once the contractor finishes building your new home, the professionals at Sunrise Cleaning Services will finish the cleaning process and prepare it for the homeowner to take possession. Our team offers a full-range of cleaning services, which include the following:
• Wall Cleaning
• Window Cleaning
• Receptacle Cleaning
• Fridge & Stove Cleaning

• Sink Cleaning
• Bathroom Cleaning

Clean Kitchen - Construction Cleaning Service

Construction Cleanups for Offices

Once the construction of a new office is complete, builders hire us to come in and finish it with the cleaning process because we provide thorough services and deliver spotless results. Some of the cleaning services we provide include dust removal, floor mopping, and carpet vacuuming.

Contact our cleaning company in Scarborough, Ontario, to transform your space with our construction cleaning services.